Joseph Chou Ma

Software Engineer | Researcher | Competitive Programmer

About Me

TLDR: I'm a software engineer, competitive programmer, and researcher who loves cartoons and making accessible technologies!


From competitive programming libraries to Chrome extensions to games... all written by me at some point!


Here's a selection of my research papers that I'm especially proud of! These papers with topics ranging from Machine Learning to Human-Computer Interation are all 1) published, 2) in the process of being published, or 3) something that earned me a spot on a graduate program. Please read if you're interested, and I'm definitely willing to get into a passionate discussion on any of these topics so I can learn more!

What I made

Here are some projects that I am especially proud of!

Accessible Web Browser Extension

A browser extension made for Google Chrome that adjusts web pages to have bigger, dyslexia-friendly, and colorblind-friendly font.

Competitive Programming Library

There is both a version in Java and C++ that has preprogrammed algorithms and data structures for the vast majority of non-trivial usecases in competitive programming out of the competitions I've been in. There's everything from Roman Numerals to Fast Fourier Transforms!

Social Media App for University Students

Prototyped for iOS, this app aims to be a new kind of social media for university students that attempts to forge meaningful connections while reducing addiction.

AI-Teaching Game

Created under the direction of Professor Li Jiang at Stanford University, this game aims to teach AI principles to preteens and teens.

Website for the King's Young Adult Liver Centre

Implemented with Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, Postgres, HTML, and CSS, this is an all-in-one platform designed to connect patients to doctors.

...and many more!

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I'm currently looking for potential opportunities! Please feel free to reach out on any of these platforms!